Richard talking live in London: July 7th 2014

Richard talking live in London.

Monday 7th July at 7pm, Astrological Lodge of London at The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1 8EA

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Ba Zi at the London Astrology Lodge: July 7th.

“When I first encountered ba zi, I realised that I had found the most powerful model for healing and empowering that existed.”

Our lives appear to be made up of choices; some sound, some not-so-smart. These may be what define our time on Earth. And if we buy into time it may be that we buy into what the Chinese call gan zi, the recurring cycle of events. I had studied with dozens of healers, shamans, facilitators and new age gurus and I had seen marvels. But the ba zi offered a language, a vocabulary, a launch pad for dissolving blocks, healing emotional and other stuckness and above all, identifying moments of choice. If we can choose, we can un-choose or re-choose. I could stop reinventing the wheel.

If this rings bells for you, you may be keen to explore what we can learn about ourselves and each other using ba zi (or Four Pillars of Destiny) that is to say from Chinese Astrology? You might also be interested to consider how much we can know about past and probable futures – our own and those of the people we care about as well as the world?

Richard will be looking at times, places and people this way and explaining to the Astrological Lodge ba zi’s roots in the tao, yin and yang and the Five Elements or wu xing. Along the way he will examine some historical events, to see if indeed they fall into cycles.

Astrologers, feng shui people, sceptics, cynics, civilians, all welcome.


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