Block and Tackle: the Month of the Water Ox 2018.

Another Monthly Bulletin in our new format; the first of 2018. It tells you briefly how the month may turn out for you as well as where to concentrate for best outcomes. And this month, a little about your very own Lucky Days and how they’re calculated. There’s no actual Feng Shui Diary here. Which as it is not so time-sensitive, will be with you later in the month. Watch this space.
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Summary: a month when authority is stretched either by opposition or abuse. This may set the tone for a year.
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Block and Tackle: the Month of the Water Ox 2018.
Bulletin for January 2018
(18:26pm 5th Jan to 05:38 4th Feb 2018 inclusive)

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Hexagram 21

Animal by Animal
During this Water Ox Month,
The Rat takes orders,
Under pressure the Ox takes charge,
The Tiger makes lists,
The Rabbit emerges;
The Dragon pushes,
The Snake (re)discovers direction,
The Horse frets unnecessarily,
The Sheep shrinks,
The Monkey puzzles,
The Rooster is relieved,
The Dog is deep in the manger,
The Pig is (for now) between stools.

Remember: the 4 Pillars of your ba zi relate to Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth. Each represents different aspects of your life:
Year Animal: physicality, forebears, heritage, the obvious and immediate;
Month Animal: the work environment, education, peers, siblings, exes;
Day Animal: you and your beloved;
Hour Animal: your most intimate thoughts, children, dreams, the future.

A 6 month focuses on authority, leadership and example.
An Ox month favours stability and concentration and blockages thereto.
Most helpful location: South (for East Group) North East (West Group).
Favoured Animals: Snake, Rooster, Ox and Rat.
Especially challenged one way or another: Horse, Sheep.
The Hexagram (above): Lin, Approach; Earth over Lake. Following.
Don’t be negligent but don’t be eager either.” Liu I-Ming.
Your Lucky Day:
Every month I aim to identify the dates that stand out in the calendar. Some are the Remove Days I discussed last month, some are for the placing of Water Dragons so as to hold in powerful and helpful energy. There are rarely more than one or two of these last in any given month; just one in January. The hardest work though is identifying the days that will support particular individuals. It takes ages but by the end of the first week of any month I can essentially tell you who the losers and winners are.

Throughout this month for instance, the Rabbit is favoured. This means Rabbits will generally make the cut. But on the 18th most will find it hard to put a foot wrong. Similarly that jammy Snake will tend to see the cards fall their way on the 17th. I tell you this for free although it costs my retainer clients a – very modest – subscription fee. You don’t have to be an A-lister to do it.

What this doesn’t necessarily mean Rabbits, is that you can spend the day on Angry Birds and still do miracles. Or Snakes, that you don’t have free choice to cock it up. What it means is that the Force – whatever that might mean – is with you. Everything is changing all the time so it stands to reason that different individuals will be flattered by light and heat, time and tide at different moments.
Nonetheless, although the cyclical rolling round of energy may put the ball so to speak on the penalty spot it’s likely that you’ll have to kick it.

That’s not hard now, is it?

Where to be in January.
Summary: the place of creativity.
North East, Wealth Star: Year Star: 4/3 gip sat, Month Star: 9
Creative inspiration remains North East for all but now begins to favour the male. A little Water – a bowl changed daily, not a fountain – will assist. Even a little blue added to the décor will be a shot in the arm for Horse, Rat, Tiger, Dog, Ox, Snake, Pig and Rooster. Writers and academics will find a productive haven here. You’re more likely to be noticed too.
Enhancement: a bowl of Water changed daily.

Where not to be in January.
Summary: morbid all year.
North, Distant Future: Year Star 6/5 Moon. Month Star: 2.
The patriarchal 6 is joined by the transitioning 2 this month but the unhelpful 5 is following – to stay all year – bringing illness, upset and (because this is the communicative North) misunderstandings. This is the prognosis for the North the whole year, I’m afraid. Harsh words are likely here between Father and Mother, Man and Woman, Brother and Sister.
Solution: Metal ie accuracy; communication that neither omits, exaggerates or distorts. Adding Metal stuff, 6-Pipe Metal Windchime, music boxes, clocks with traditional clockwork action will help. Worst for Horse and Sheep. Try not to loiter here, whoever you are.

Richard Ashworth©

And here’s the (Western Astrological) take of the very perceptive Lorna Bevan:

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