2018: The Year of the Mutt

Sheila here with some information for you all.

The Year of the Mutt.
Richard’s Forecast Day for 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog.
December 2nd 2017 in Godalming, Surrey from 10am until 5pm.
Venue to be confirmed.

With world leaders recklessly squaring up to each other and waiting for the other to swerve, 2017 may have been not so much the Year of the Rooster as the Year of Chicken. And so the Earth Dog 2018 may be the Year of the Muttat its worst the kind of dog that tugs on its lead with no idea of where it wants to go once it’s pulled loose.

This may be the running theme of 2018 in your home, your office and internationally. Best consider now how to deal with it.

And 2018 is ruled by the 9 Star of Fire. Which changes all sorts of things. Among others it focuses on the fair treatment of women. And on reversing climate change.

Dragons will be challenged, as will Roosters – not necessarily a bad thing – as you know no one grows strong without a challenge – a South East door will look particularly shrewd and a North-Western sleeping position or a North-facing house not so much. Rabbits are favoured by the Dog Year by the way as well as Tigers, Horses and the Dog itself. And much more.

This is a really popular event and places are limited. Last year we sold out so email me please to book soon.
Repeated via Zoom, 3rd Dec, 3pm – 9pm. Very limited places.
Early Bird £100 (£105 via Paypal) till 1st Dec, £125 on the door.

Richard has two one-to-one places open for Skype/Zoom tuition 
in ba zi and feng shui from mid October. These courses comprise 16 one hour sessions, one to one (for now at least) with Richard. He usually starts by teaching ba zi followed by feng shui. After completing both you may be invited to join his mentoring programme. There is currently a special offer, please email me for details.

I hope we’ll hear from you soon.

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