Pig 2014

Who is a Pig?

Years: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.
Month*: November
Hour: 09:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Day: ask us

* Caution: the start of the Chinese month can be as early as the 4th & as late as the 9th, depending on the year. I can let you know this too.

What is a Pig?
The weakness and the strength of the yin water Pig is to think they know what is good for them. Generally they do, and the maddening thing is that they are actually right often enough to make advice close to impossible. By extension this means the Pig may believe they know what is right for everybody else.

Versatile and wilful, gifted at whatever they do, the Pig is the sign of the inventor. Edison was a Pig, as is Hillary Clinton and Wikileaker Julian Assange. Perfectly-balanced Pigs can literally almost do anything but they don’t always handle the truth well. They don’t much like reflective advice from others and they often hate not to know for sure. Vagueness is very uncomfortable for the Pig, this trio of the multi-gifted being no exception: Edison was of course an obsessive patenter, Hillary constant in the teeth of her husband’s unsupportable claims to fidelity and Assange, confident that he knows better than anyone else what the world needs to know. This does not make any of them mistaken but the truth can be a moveable feast.

The Pig is communicative because it is a water sign. A balanced Pig (perhaps March birth around mid-afternoon) is a great audience and typically gets the listening/talking ratio just right. An unbalanced Pig can shoot off at the mouth and give (or take) away the farm before she knows it. Does any of this sound like Earth Pig Simon Cowell?

More likely, this Pig will withdraw into silence. The Pig can sulk but can also withdraw simply out of disinterest and be perfectly cheerful when challenged on the withdrawal. The Pig child needs just the right mixture of carrot and stick. Too much stick and he is suppressed or resentful. Too much carrot and he can be smug. The balanced Pig is the most sensitive of the animals. The unbalanced Pig suffers an empathy bypass. As the parent of a Pig, just remember you are instrumental in this process. Your Piglet does not need to be a boor.

The Pig embodies the wood of creativity so they can be as adept with the written as the spoken word as well as the yang earth that makes them able to concentrate deeply. Many Pigs prefer to study in noisy rooms and many Pigs are effortless A-students as teachers of first year undergraduates of 2013 may be noticing.

The Pig does not tend to like the Snake; one way or another they tend to immobilise each other and the Snake’s intimate, the Monkey, can be a source of annoyance also.

The Pig’s most natural team is with the Rabbit and the Sheep. This is a domestic alliance. Together these three naturally make anywhere home. A perfect family might be Pig father, Rabbit mother and Sheep first-born. Once home, the Rabbit entertains while the Sheep ensures compatibility and the Pig does skilfully the tasks that are beyond her partners. In 2012 Sheep John Kerry effortlessly assumed the tasks of Hillary Clinton.

Traditionally the Pig also enjoys the company of the Tiger. You might think she’d be more cautious but she knows that the Tiger is uninterested in conquering anyone he considers easy meat. Of course he’s missing something here but the Pig’s fearless approach often disarms the Tiger before he realises. A Pig’s literary ambition may burgeon in a Tiger year and flourish in a Rabbit one.
Although she may herself be more adventurous, the Pig also understands the loyal and consistent Dog. She respects the fact that every home needs its guardian. These two will tend to develop a camaraderie with its own distinctive banter. The Pig respects the Dog’s diligence and the Dog knows the Pig will compensate for his weakness.

The Pig also operates well as factotum for a group consisting of the Snake (whom she can’t otherwise stand for any length of time) the Monkey (see above) and the Tiger. For these she is, interestingly, the peacemaker and setter of standards. Without the Pig this grouping whose common interest is travel and mobility can’t get off the ground.
One final note: the Pig suffers what is called the self curse. That is to say that she has limited patience with other Pigs. The Chinese character for a house is one Pig under a roof. Just the one.

Pig in Wood Horse Year.

Stars include: yue de Star of Kindness, xiao ha Indulgence.

The Pig is a sweetheart. You are gifted and versatile, open and decent. And you’re not up yourself. It seems like you have been studying and preparing and learning forever. And it’s not over yet. This will be easier news to bear for the younger Pigs – 1995, for instance. For the 1983 variety who’s been pushing forever or the Metal Pig of 1971, not perhaps so welcome. As for the Earth Pig of 1959, when will your day dawn?

Soon, promise. This, justly is a year of smooth progress. Expect advances in career, in relationship, in abundance of all sorts but above all in learning, You’ve worked so hard these last two years or so, some of it seriously against the grain – that you have made it inevitable that you will reap rewards but there’s more learning to do. This is not a just universe but a causal one. For every action there is a reaction. Fairness is another issue.

In nature it’s a truism that the longer a species takes to mature, the longer it lives and often the smarter it is. Consider gorillas, whales, dolphins, orca. The Pig is the lifelong learner of the Chinese Zodiac. If you’re interested in something, you analyse and dissect and reassemble until you know it inside and out. And your current study which probably defines the rest of your life, is not over yet. You love to acquire skills. Here come some more.

Simon Cowell is a Pig, as is George Osborne and indeed Hillary Clinton. These are people who for better or for worse, are continual worriers and improvers who keep redefining their plans, improving them, adapting. None of them is afraid to dismantle their plans and start again. Osborne isn’t above performing the same service for a whole nation. For better or for worse.

It’s understandable to be disappointed to learn that 2014, the Year of the Horse in the Clouds is another year of learning. This is another year calling for patience both in your treatment of those less smart than yourself but also in relation to recognition. Your time will come but probably not this year. Remember that the only difference between those who succeed and everybody else is that successes never give up. And this is not to be translated as simple encouragement. The world is in a state. It needs what you can bring. All of it. And you are not yet the finished article.

Health: some minor issues, bones, sinews, gums.

Money: some setbacks (careful in May) but generally acquisitive.

Relationship: pretty good. No change there.

Feng Shui: Your friend the Sheep (212½ to 227½ South West) holds The Sun which heals all that will be healed. Occupy for career advance. Add Metal.

Readers’ Digest Version: patience!

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